Private Orders

The Silver Hut
Private Order Service

   You can order a personally designed piece of jewellery tailored to fit and suit your needs! All you have to do is contact me directly via my e-mail address below and give me some small details of what you would like and a contact number and I'll see what I can do! 
* Terms and conditions apply, please see below.

You can view some of my previous completed private orders 

at the bottom of this page in my gallery!

Swarovski crystal, 
Lapis Lazuli and 925 Silver,
Multi strand 
Suspension bracelet.
Matching Items and other colours
available on 
The Silvers Hut's Etsy shop!

*Terms and Conditions

These conditions do not apply when buying directly from, please see Etsy's terms and conditions.

* All orders require a minimum of 3 weeks notice of a required date for shop items, personally designed orders need longer due to the designing process and time. This is to ensure that you receive your order in time for your important date, if the designer does not have certain materials in stock at the time of order.
- Most shop item orders are completed within 3-4 weeks with delivery to the UK, international orders will take slightly longer to arrive. 
* All orders require a deposit before any work will be started and this will only be asked for when final design, quote and material availability is confirmed by both the client and The Silver Hut.
-The deposit amount will be calculated when the final quote for the order is offered to the client.
-The deposit will never be more than 50% of the final quote price.
- Once work has started and/or any materials have been ordered, the deposit will become non-returnable.

* The 'final quote price' is only a quote and is subject to change! The Silver Hut designers will always fully research the required materials and prices to complete the design before offering the final quote, but occasionally when materials can not be supplied from the designers initial source another supplier will be seeked out. 
- In the event that the materials cost considerably more, then The Silver Hut will always stop work on the project and contact the client.
- In the event that this situation does occur and the final quote prices becomes to high for the client, then the client has the right to pull out with a full refund of their deposit.
- If the client agrees to the change in the quote price, the deposit will remain non-returnable. 
- The Silver Hut will always keep the client up to date with the orders progress!

* Every effort is made to complete the order to the clients satisfaction and if  when the completed order is presented to the customer and it does not live up to expectations, then every effort is made to change the design of the item/s to suit the clients needs until the clients satisfaction is met.
- In the very unlikely event the clients satisfaction can't be met, the order should be returned to The Silver Hut and a full refund will be issued. The order/design will then be put up for sale in The Silver Hut's, Etsy shop.

* Bespoke 'Personal Private Orders' are orders that are designed solely between the designer and client, specificly to the clients design wishes. These designs will never be reproduced by The Silver Hut without the clients prior consent, so as to ensure that every personal private order is kept unique and each client receives a 'one of a kind'  (bespoke) finished design.

* 'Personal Private Orders' are not to be confused with 'Shop Design Private Orders' which are any existing items found on The Silver Hut's Etsy shop, as these items are previously available to buy and are designs that may be reproduced multiple times by The Silver Hut.
-'Shop Design Private Orders' are only returnable when found faulty and are sold as seen on The Silver Hut's Etsy shop and the client should be aware that very small differences between products may occur due to the fact that each item is hand made.


Recently Completed Private Orders!

 Personal Private order completed in July 2011 
925 Silver, Aquamarine, Jade and Pearl, 
"Seaside Bracelet"
Sold for £45

Shop Private order completed in June 2011
Tibetan Silver with 925 Silver findings,
"Daisy Bracelet"
Available in The Silver Hut's Etsy Shop now!

Shop Private Order completed in October 2011
Red & Green Jade with Tibetan Silver 
mini charm beads and snowflake charm,
925 fittings, clasp and extension chain.
"Snowflake Christmas Bracelet"
 more available in my Etsy store shortly!

Hand made glass pendant and earrings.

The glass pieces were handmade by another
designer who is based in France. She asked for 
assistance in producing a necklace and earring
set for her daughter!

This set was made using 925 silver ear posts 
and silver plated parts for the necklace, 
accompanied by suspended Swarovski crystal beads.

Completed in April 2012.

Watch this space for new additions!